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Happy Mother's Day

Mercedes Padro


Today I made a Mother's Day card for my mama! Shout out to all the mom's out there. Here's some process shots documenting how I went about painting a letter "M" for a fun and personalized card for mom.


  1. Tools: bone folder, gouache, pencil, exacto knife, ruler, watercolor paper (5 x 10"), palette, light board.
  2. First I chose a size for the card. I went with 5 x 5" because I wanted to make it square and that was a simple size to go with.
  3. Then I printed off a black letter "M" in Illustrator. I went with Helvetica Neue at 350 points.
  4. I took a piece of watercolor paper and cut it to 5 x 10" using an exacto knife and a ruler. Then I folded the paper in half using a bone folder.
  5. Using the light board, I sketched out flowers over the letter "M."
  6. I painted and filled in the flowers from the pencil sketches.