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Design + Illustration

A glimpse into my daily watercolor and ink sketches.

Pierre Koenig

Mercedes Padro

Codex on Pierre Koenig’s architectural designs. Koenig was a California based innovator known for his houses made of steel. The book predominately focuses on the contrast of the cold steel with life.

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Mercedes Padro

This project is about getting kids in developing countries to school safely by using technology. That’s why the Kinpack is here. We’ve got your back.

Design for good project focusing on giving students in developing countries backpacks to travel safely on their commute to school. Kinpack includes a desktop and mobile platform for the benefactor and a separate desktop platform for the students. Collaborative project with Myles Thompson.




Mercedes Padro

Interning at Rawxies was a great experience. Callie (Rawxies CEO) trusted me to make the 2015 packaging. It was a lot of sketching and incorporating my personal illustration style into the Rawxies brand.

Rawxies is a raw, gluten free, soy free, dairy free cookie company based in Kansas City, Missouri. I worked on the August 2015 packaging redesign with art direction from Rawxies founder and C.E.O. Callie England. Illustrations are hand painted with watercolors and implemented on the packaging for shelf display.


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Christian Howes Poster

Mercedes Padro

Listening to Christian Howes’ music live was unlike any other jazz experience. It was a cacophony of instruments coming from all directions, yet completely working together as one sound.

Christian Howes' jazz music is eclectic, emotive, and energetic. The only way to advertise for his performance is a piece with just as much energy as Christian Howes himself. This poster was the primary advertisement for Christian Howes' concert at the Folly Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri.


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Poppy's Ice Cream

Mercedes Padro

This hypothetical rebrand focuses on the homemade quality of the ice cream, the youthfulness of their customers, and the dependability of the Poppy’s Ice Cream and Coffeehouse brand.

Poppy’s Ice Cream and Coffeehouse is an upbeat little ice cream parlor in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Although they have a home location, Poppy’s has recently been popularized by their ice cream truck seen around the Kansas City Metro area.




Mercedes Padro

Bite is a food journal – it teaches kids that healthy eating can be fun, playful, and colorful too! This journal is intended to exist in grocery stores where families can do activities together.

Some of the activities in Bite are an in-store scavenger hunt for healthy food, then families can go home and make fun snacks and learn about good portions. Collaborative project with Marie Krikorian.




Mercedes Padro

Mancha is a stain. A mark punctuated by life’s daily occurrences. Join in the Mancha craze and experience bathing like you never have before.

Pineapple, coconut, and mango scented soaps are made with fresh fruits from Barceloneta, Puerto Rico. These tropically inspired scents are guaranteed to kick off the funk and leave you smelling like paradise. Mancha is completely organic, GMO free, and vegan.




Color palette & typeface

360° view

To Death With a Smile

Mercedes Padro

Here’s to all the critters you ran over this past year. Because now they’re back to celebrate with you. And yes – they do bite.

Branding for the Mexican Museum of Design's international poster contest, exhibition, and gala "To Death with a Smile" based in Mexico City, Mexico. This concept focuses on the quirky, humorous, and playful quality of death with a roadside twist.


Call for Entries Poster

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Exhibition Catalog

Gala Invitation

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Exhibit Signage

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Promotional Video

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Honest Tea

Mercedes Padro

I really wanted to cater to Honest Tea’s core target audience; a health-conscious mom in her early 30’s looking for a less sugary, yet equally satisfying beverage.

Honest Tea’s bottled iced tea focuses on the core ingredients that are natural, organic, and fresh. In this hypothetical rebrand materiality plays a vital role with the soft and fluid tones of the watercolors – after all, Honest Tea's product is "just a tad sweet."


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