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Design + Illustration

A glimpse into my daily watercolor and ink sketches.

Monkey, Python, & Pot of Mole

Mercedes Padro

A Monkey, a Python, and a Pot of Mole is about increasing cross-cultural awareness because we live in a diverse world. A culturally conscious world is a more accepting and understanding one.

Ever eaten a monkey? How about a python? Surely you’ve eaten a spicy pot of mole. “A Monkey, a Python, and a Pot of Mole” is a book, website, and exhibition that explores and celebrates cultural eccentricities from A to Z. For the research portion of this project I did a 26 days of hand lettering (starting with Armenia and ending with Zimbabwe) that I posted to Instagram. See hand lettering in process, animations, and interviews with E.S.L. students to learn about how people enact life.


Piece featured in the B.F.A. Exhibition at the H & R Block Artspace from April to May 2016. Title: "Alphabet of Cultures." Medium: mixed media.